intro loop (1:36 min)


AV Installation

The installation serves as a container for audiovisual works. For the exhibition, several rooms of the house were investigated performatively and the recorded fragments were compiled into four video works. Sounds were collected, found and created in the basement (basement rhythm), the gallery (gallery verb), the wood workshop (workshop drone) and the courtyard (courtyard chorus) of the house. Resonant objects were sought, the room acoustics were listened to, and rhythms were played with doors.

The work was commissioned by Kuenstlerhaus Bremen for the exhibition "Narrating the Gaps" on the occasion of the artist studio and gallery building's 30th anniversary in 2022.

*second photography by Fred Dott for Kuenstlerhaus Bremen **special thanks to Martin Wilmers for the great wood work

workshop drone (4:12 min)

courtyard chorus (4:19 min)

basement rhythm (3:53 min)

gallery verb (3:19 min)