Track_02 by Gustavo Méndez López and Norman Neumann

The Tracks proposed in this exhibition are not only existing in the physical space of the gallery but also as sounds on a record and coordinates in the digital online archive of Research and Waves.

this work is part of a 10" Vinyl Release by Research and Waves
and was shown at the exhibition Tracking Tracks, Galerie fuer Gegenwartskunst Bremen

Track_02 A - wall placement.movement87 (2016), colorprint, frame, 112 x 86 cm (Gustavo Méndez López)

Track_02 B - untitled (compression) (2013), painting, acrylic on linen (Norman Neumann)

Track_02 A + B - wall placement.movement87 + compression (2016),generative sound, soundfile, stereo - Gustavo Méndez López + Norman Neumann