Tracking Tracks 9. - 22. April 2016 

Galerie fuer Gegenwartskunst

An exhibition in context of "Research and Waves [0.1,y,0.23]

The Term *Tracking is currently used for a variety of applications that follow and record movements. It is known that activities on the internet are often tracked without the user's knowledge. *Tracking has many different uses in military as well as civil contexts. Examples include radar systems for air surveillance or the computational identification of objects in traffic.

Tracking Tracks is a project by Research and Waves with the artists Norman Neumann, Gustavo Mendez and Daniel Rossi.

In the context of this exhibition *Tracking is the act of following an entity in its movement. A *Track is the manifestation of this movement from (or through) A to B and possibly beyond. This trace of movement between the artworks placed on the walls and within the room will become visible as well as audible. A *Track is also a sound stored on a record, separated from other *Tracks by moments of silence.

The exhibition - Tracking Tracks - follows these principles, and creates traces between the artist's works and allows for new connections between the different artworks. The Tracks proposed in this exhibition are not only existing in the physical space of the gallery but also as sounds on a record and coordinates in the digital online archive of Research and Waves.

During the opening on the 8th of April the artist will be presenting a performance.